Artesian Stormwater Management on Structures
Open Source Green Roof and Blue Roof System

Rain Keeping Making Easy

klima roof's mission is to provide artesian, nature-based Green Roof solutions.
One-stop and open source for true and passionate Green Roof professionals.
klima roof is the most advanced solution for stormwater capture through stormwater retention, stormwater detention, and stormwater reutilization. 
Non-Proprietary • Single-Source • Full Warranty.

Resilience paired with sustainability.
Flexibility merged with simplicity.
Green Roof professionals choose KLIMA ROOF.


klima roof

is the world’s first monolithic platform-based Green Roof/ Blue Roof System that adapts to any roof and works seamlessly with any design intent from Extensive Living Roofs to Intensive Garden Roofs with rooting depth up to 10  feet (330 cm). Learn about monolithic platform-based Green Blue Roofs.


klima roof

is an advanced multifunctional system that protects the roof while under construction,  klima roof is the first load carrying and load distribution system for all roof amenities. The system eliminates roof penetrations for the installations of railings, HVAC, roof decks, anchors, planters, solar panels, micro windmills, sculptures, screens and more.


klima roof

uses lightweight and durable structural modules as the base for the system. The interconnecting structural modules are stackable,
easy to install, and are made in the
United States of America from 100% recycled high density PE.

" With a handful of components and without waste we can literally build any type of Green Roof - extensive, roof top farms, intensive, plaza decks, and Blue Roofs with plants." 

Jörg Breuning is one of a few people on earth who actively shaped the beginning of the modern green roof industry in Europe/Germany more than 4 decades ago. In addition, he introduced green roofs to North America in 1999. Thus, he has over 40 years of experience in two fundamentally different markets for green roofs and green walls.


klima roof

is the world’s first Blue-Roof-Ready system with Smart Flow control that can be  paired with any design intent.  klima roof maximizes stormwater retention and detention with artesian water management, well exceeding any other Green Roof systems that rely on "magic sponging” elements or layers of geo textiles.


klima roof

stores water where plants expect water. It is like the ground water table in a natural soil profile. Under dry weather conditions, in arid or desert climate zones the ground water table can be recharged. The vegetation controls the supply of water - no controller required and no chance of human malfunction or frost damage.


klima roof

reduces the amount of irrigation water by 40% to over 80% and the system can be operated with Grey Water or used as a water treatment facility on a ground remote location.


klima roof

does not contain any blocking elements in the natural soil profile. This means no Geofoam, polystyrene sheets or roof insulation boards that disturb the resilient growth of the vegetation or disturb the artesian water management.

Klima Roof green roof system has been evolved over decades to ensure healthy, diverse, and resilient vegetation on structures.
The World's First Open Source Green Roof System

Advantages of Platform Based Monolithic Modularity


Roof Protection


No Roof Penetrations


Fexibility Within the Roof

No Leaks

We all know that once the roofing is installed many other trades will immediately take advantage of the "open" space.
In 90% of green roof projects expensive damage of the roofing occurs, leaks are not repaired, and the roofing company gets a bad reputation for leaks they did not cause. When klima roof monolithic platform is installed directly after the roof membrane is installed, the roof is protected, eliminating these issues, and also the problem of wind uplift of the membranes. An investment in the klima roof system provides pay-back from the first day.

No Critical Details

There can be many different rooftop amenities that need to be secured.

Traditionally these amenity items are anchored by penetrating the roof, which can often lead to leaking after one or two years.

Warranties typically do not cover leaks from roof penetrations. To avoid roof penetrations and the risk of leaks, anchor rooftop amenities on top of the klima roof monolithic platform.

Nobody Is Left Out

It is human nature to change our minds about how we use the space in, around, or on a building.
Klima roof is unique, the monolithic modularity of the system offers multiple options to make changes without changing your entire system.
A Green Roof system that literally grows with your ideas. If the design intent changes in the future, if one wants to add Solar or roof units at a later point, platform based klima roof keeps the roofing protected. All of the components of can be upgraded, salvaged and reused.